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                                       my Compare and Contrast

        For my compare and contrast I am going to write about my son Erick and my daughter Vanessa. Erick is kind of a little brat because he likes to fight and wrestle with anyone that may or may not be willing. The worst part is that he is only three years old and he will fight about anything. But he has a sweet side when he feels like it he can be the sweetest little boy in the world. Like with his little sister or me he knows better then to play with her and I like that so he’s pretty good most of the time.

       Vanessa is the sweetest little girl in the world when she thinks everyone is watching. Vanessa really has them all fooled; she is pretty mean when nobody is looking she likes to hit her brother. But she is also very dancy, she likes to jump around on her tiptoes and twirl very goofy but cute. Vanessa knows that she is cute and she flaunts it. She also likes to sing what ever she knows and as loud as she can, she is very snugly like a teddy bear always.

        They are very alike because they both have the same hair, eye and they are both equally cute Erick is protective of his sister as Vanessa is protective of her brother. They love one another very much but you would not know just by looking at them. Erick loves his toys and his TV as Vanessa loves her mommy and her Sippy. Vanessa likes to play with her brother, as her brother likes it as well.

             Erick and Vanessa are also more different. Erick has a mama’s boy personality. Vanessa has more of an independent personality. Erick stays away more in the bedroom or playing with his toys. Vanessa stays with me all the time. Erick will play very hard and rough. Vanessa will take it more easy and try not to get hurt and she is more calm and out going. Erick will cry about anything for no reason. Vanessa will shake it off and try again until she gets it right. Erick is much stronger then Vanessa, and he is mostly muscle he is by far the strongest 3-year-old I’ve ever seen. Vanessa is a chunk and has on apparent muscle.  So as you can tell they are alike and yet so different. 

                                             Civics final paper

Danielle Straub                                                                                                                                                  
           I will be writing a paragraph for each of my personal opinions for 8 subjects.All of those subjects are different but are all related to civics and politics. You may notice that I have a strong and assertive opinion in some parts more then others.

           On the topic of abortion I am more conservative and also more in the center.I personally am against abortion but I think that women should be able to do what they want with their body because it is their body. I also think that if that woman is ready for unprotected sex they should know there are consequences in many more then one. Every woman most likely has a good reason for her choice in doing such a thing.Some choices and reasons are different than others but all the same their choices have been made and there's not much you can do change it.

          I think that I'm liberal when it come to gun control because I don't like guns,at all. I'm pretty sure that the world would not stop if all the guns in the world disappeared.Gun control is a very important thing in my eyes, because if there were no gun control the crime rate would sky rocket. I don't care where you live with no gun control there would be no safe place in the world.

        Health care is a very important part of every day life. I don't think that it is right to do what the conservatives are trying to do by only making it available to the rich and or wealthy. Where would that put us, the people who have to work or people that can't work for a living? I agree one hundred percent with the liberals' for universal health care for any and all that might need it ever.

        When it comes to the death penalty I would say that I do agree with it to a certain level. I would say that if a person kills someone in cold blood and has no remorse that the government should have no remorse for that bastard. But if one kills by accident or because of mental illness the government should take that into consideration be for the decision is made on what to do.

        The environment is the most important matter in the world,because it is the world.I wish that people would wake up and see that! Humen beings were meant to help the planet not destroy it and so far all my eyes see destruction. What the hell is wrong with people? I believe that we're destroying the world for something as stupid as money,and if there is no world then there is NO money. People are very greedy things but we need to snap out of it because the world is the one paying for it all.

       We need to have barrier between religion and government. I think that more people would die because of all the different religions in our country. We already know that we all can't just get along from our past experience with religion.The people with no religion would be the most upset, like me. I would be furious if I was being put in religion because I don't have a religion.The government and the religions of our country should be separat now and forever. Our world would be a happier place because of it.

       Gay Marriage is a great thing because like why not i mean just saying "no you can't get married" isn't going to change any thing you know. Their still going to be gay so what,I am who I am and they are who they are let it be. Who do people think they are telling people how they have to live there life its their life they only get one let them live it the way they want what ever makes them happy.

       Drug laws would be taken more serious if they were more flexible. I don't do drugs but I do support them. I think that it should be like alcohol because by the time your a certain age your mature enough to know the hell your doing and what your putting in it.You should know the consequences in doing certain drugs by that age.It should be a personal decision when one comes of age.

        Those were just a few of my opinions on the topic of civics and politics.So as you can tell I do have a strong opinion. I do get very frustrated about politics because it seems the people of the world are so ignorant. I am now done with my opinionated paper thank you for not listening.  

                                                    The Drakon Series

the drakon books were some of the best books  i have ever read it kept me engaged and i found that i never wanted to put it down and what i did i found that i was in a constant wonder of what was going to happen next.

                                                    Books I've Read

    SUMMARY OF THE SMOKE THIEF                                         
           So there are these people who label themselves drakon because they’re able to turn from human to smoke to dragon thus the name drakon. They hide in fear of being discovered by the outside world. One young girl is tired of hiding so she runs away. Everybody thinks she drowned in the river near her home and it swept her away. They are wrong she ran and became a thief in London she was known as THE SMOKE THIEF. Nobody even thought to look for her until they heard the reports.  

            Stones, diamonds and rubies speak to the drakon people, so she went to find them and steal them from their rightful owners. Finley someone went to look for that thief just to make sure that it wasn’t one of their tribe members that might have escaped out of their world. Surprised to find a female drakon that can turn into the form of the dragon. The alpha was determined to have her as his bride. Rue wasn’t happy about it she just wanted to take the diamonds and run but she found that she had feeling for him.
Someone stole the most valuable diamond she had in her possession and she was determined to get it back. The alpha helped rue get it back and in that process he was injured then Rue discovered that she was in love with him and couldn’t live without him. After they retrieved the diamond they went back to their village and made babies.

I thought that this was a great book because it was completely out of this world. It was a book that I think every young woman and teens would love to read because it makes your imagination work to the fullest extent. The romance is so intense it would probably make you sweat. It makes you want to believe that it is possible that there are thing living among us or somewhere out there.         

The Dream Thief


Queen of Dragons


Treasure Keeper


Time Weaver


    The twilight books


all of the twilight books in my opinion are better then the movies but it was good to see what i was reading put with faces in my head.





               Breaking Dawn


wow that was a great book!!!!

The Sequel to Eon

ok so i read the sequel to eon because it was a great book and i have to say im glad i did Eona was just as good but i would still like to know where some of the other people in the book went it was kind of like they fell off the face of the planet



Macbeth the book and the movie gave me nightmares who could think there would be such evil in the world. I mean it has been around for 400 years but all in all i see why they keep it around it was very well put together as evil as it was


i really did not know it was about religion but it was still an ok book


    I must say that as you may not be able to see my math skills are better then they look